Below are some of our favorite resources and services that we personally recommend to clients. Some of the links below are to services that we have an affiliate relationship with while others are links to information that we believe will help you lead a healthier digital lifestyle. While we are regularly asked to partner with digital privacy enhancing services, we only do so with companies we personally trust and utilize.

-Hushed, A Lifetime Disposable 2nd Line Burner Cell Phone Number
-Private Internet Access (Virtual Private Network to Protect Your Privacy While Surfing Online)
Freedom Digital Life Productivity Service (Helps Keep a Healthy Digital Lifestyle)
-How To Report Revenge Porn on Facebook

-How To Control Your Visibility on Instagram
-How To Block Accounts On Twitter
-How To Report A Snapchat Safety Concern
-The FTC’s Kids and Socializing Online Guide
The FTC’s Online Security Guide
-Federal Privacy Laws and Regulations
How To Remove A URL From Google
Pew Research Center For Internet & Technology
How to Block Digital Trackers While Surfing The Internet