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Our Digital Reputation & Privacy Proposals Have Become Law in More Than Half the States Across the U.S. Our Insight is Trusted by Clients, Lawmakers, and the Media Around the World.


We help clients stay safe and secure in our increasingly dominated social media society.


We teach clients how to successfully navigate the pitfalls that are inherent with social media, apps, and other digital technologies.


We provide clients the tools needed to be confident their digital life will not be compromised so they don't lose personal and professional opportunities.


We provide consulting & educational services regarding cyber security, digital reputation, privacy, and the law.

Our Founder

Brad Shear

Brad Shear


Brad has been protecting the digital lives of his clients since starting his legal career at the NFL Players Association during law school.

Testimonials From Clients

U.S. Marine Corps

Director of Safety, Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA

“Bradley Shear provided over 200 Marines of Headquarters Marine Corps in Arlington Virginia a very enlightening and informative presentation on social media and the law. Mr. Shear’s presentation was an eye-opener to many in the audience who didn’t realize how even small social media transgressions online can cause seismic personal and professional problems for individuals. Case studies presented by Mr. Shear hammered home the point. Mr. Shear’s presentation was exceptional and garnered many rave reviews from the Commanding Officer and the assembled Marine Corps in Attendance.”

Fortune 100 Company

C-Suite Executive

“Brad helped our c-suite executives and lawyers understand the significant issues in our every day personal usage of social networking sites and other digital technologies. His insight and understanding of not just the legal but also the pr and business aspects of these issues is second to none. Many of the attendees were highly impressed with Brad’s knowledge and delivery and gave him our highest speaker rating.”

Leadership Organizations

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Assistant Executive Director

"Brad was a fantastic addition to our organization's recent leadership conference. His presentation was engaging and full of resources for our attendees. Brad's message about digital privacy and how to manage your reputation online is applicable to a broad audience but especially important for young people to hear. We got such great reviews of his talk that we have already invited him to speak at our next conference!"

K-12 Public Schools

A Public School PTA President

“Brad’s presentation is a must-see for parents. After bringing him to our school to speak to PTA members, parents said it was the most valuable speaker we’ve ever had. Brad makes his points quickly and clearly using real-life examples. Best of all, he provides solutions. All in 45 minutes. We’ll invite him back next year!”

K-12 Public Schools

A Public School PTA President

"We invited Brad Shear to speak to our high school students and then separately to their parents. Afterwards, many of the parents and students came up to me to say thank you.  Brad's information was eye-opening and his philosophy for students to limit their searchable digital life is brilliant! If you want to ensure that your kids' texting doesn't cause a college or employer to yank an offer you need to listen to him."   

Private School


“Our students and faculty were highly impressed with Brad’s Digital Armour assembly. His examples were on point and our students walked away feeling that he was the most informative speaker we have had in years. I even received several phone calls from parents thanking me for bringing Brad to our school.”

NCAA College Athlete Department

NCAA Power 5 Head Coach

"Bradley’s our go-to expert when it comes to educating our coaches, student-athletes and staff about all of the things happening in social media and messaging apps. Whether its scaring our kids straight to ensure they make smart choices online so that they don’t harm their eligibility or advising them how to protect themselves from Revenge Porn or other cyber problems, Bradley is the expert we trust. He has successfully helped us avoid many potential negative pr issues.”

Professional Athletes

Current NFL Star and Likely Future Hall of Fame Member

“Brad is awesome. He has my back. He helps me communicate digitally with my family, friends, & teammates in a way that protects my privacy and future. Every student-athlete, professional athlete, and politician should listen to Brad’s advice on how to protect your social media from those who may want to harm you.”

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